5 Important Facts Most Expats Do Not Know About Swiss Health Insurance

When making the decision to move to Switzerland, the healthcare system ranks high on the list of positives for expats looking into the pros and cons of their new adoptive country. And although health in general is one of the most important things in life for most of us, only few of us really know what our health insurance policies cover us for.

This article looks at some important facts that should not be overlooked when choosing the level of your Swiss health insurance cover.

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Changing your Swiss health insurance – what, when, how?

There are many reasons why people may look to make changes to their health insurance, whether changing their deductible, the insurance model or simply changing insurer altogether. Making changes to your health insurance may seem like a lot of hassle, however it is actually more straight forward than you may think, provided the notice periods and terms are abided by.

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5 Ways to reduce the cost of your basic health insurance

At times, circumstances force us to put the cost of health insurance first, and the benefits of additional health cover must take a step back. Receiving treatment in a private hospital of choice or having a comfortable hospital stay in a private ward may be out of reach when under a lot of financial pressure. This article provides a few tips that could help reduce the cost of your basic health insurance.

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