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Independent mortgage advice for home buyers or investment

Making a property investment is perhaps the biggest purchase and the most expensive outlay that an individual will make during their lifetime. A 100% initial outlay is however beyond the reach of most prospective property buyers.

We at MWC Group understand the real value that your dream property holds for you and that it will not stay on the market forever. We know that you need to act right now and so by leveraging our relationships with some of the biggest and most trusted lenders in Switzerland and across the globe, living or working in your property will now truly become a reality. With the help of our partners we bring to you the most attractive borrowing rates and terms available to you as a buyer in the property market.

Looking for a property loan?

If you have already begun researching and scouting for a property loan to finance your property purchase you will already be familiar with the tedious process. A seemingly simple task of obtaining quotations and lending terms from a financier can involve several phone calls, dozens of notes and countless emails. You are caught up in a flurry of meetings and are typically managing large volumes of financial and property data. You are telling yourself to stop researching and just pick any plan just so you avoid letting your future home or investment property slip through your fingers. But at the same time you are worried that you have completely missed certain lenders who could potentially offer you more beneficial terms.

We do things differently:

Sit down with us and relax in the knowledge that you are certainly going to buy your property while also obtaining the very best terms and quotations on the market available to you. All it takes is a consultation from us at your convenience. During the consultation we interview you to obtain all the information we need to help you obtain the most attractive property loan. You can expect tailor-made quotations from all major providers in the market all of which is typically sourced in approximately one week. As an independent service, we do not promote any particular provider; we can provide you with an unbiased insight and opinion to your particular property financing needs.

As such, we are perfectly placed to help you find the solution that is right for you!