Financing your Swiss property purchase

For many people owning a home in Switzerland means escaping high rental prices. Still, purchasing a property in Switzerland requires an understanding of the rules. The loan/mortgage structure is unique, the cost and fees are relatively high and there are many ways to structure and repay your loan.

At MWC Group we have the knowledge and experience to explain the entire process clearly and concisely. We have access to the domestic market of providers, which means that we can gather quotes from each lender and find offers tailored to your specific needs.

We don’t just act as a market comparison company; our job is to find out why you are purchasing (home, investment or otherwise) and discuss whether it is the right option, and if so what the best strategy of purchase and repayment will help you reach your target in the most effective manner. We specialise in utilising the most efficient debt structures, tax exemptions and discounted deposits to achieve your objective of home ownership.


So you are unhappy with the terms your current provider is offering you and you now want to change your loan provider? Or perhaps you are looking to release some capital. Refinancing could be an option in such a case as this allows you to change the terms of your existing loan or shift your mortgage to a different loan provider to obtain more competitive terms.

But how do you go about refinancing? Most people tend to contact their relationship manager at their bank without looking around for different options and more often than not end up accepting re-financing terms that are not necessarily the best on the market. At the same time, there are so many lenders out there that comparing options becomes an exhausting and time consuming task. So let us spare you the headache! MWC can help by gathering the best quotations, based on your particular circumstances, from all of the major providers in Switzerland.