Personal Legal Protection

A seemingly small dispute with your neighbor, landlord, tenant or even your employer can quickly escalate into a legal dispute. Personal legal protection policies allow you to enforce your rights in such cases. The policy covers legal fees related to personal disputes in case of legal claims by/against you in Switzerland. However this doesn’t include family matters. In most cases, making the other party aware that you hold Legal Protection Cover may help to get the opposing party to back off.  The typical cost of this cover runs to CHF 200 per annum.

Disputes that are covered include the following cases:

  • Legal disputes with your employer
  • Legal disputes with service provider
  • Legal disputes with neighbors

Personal Legal Protection

Motorists Legal Protection

You can also protect yourself from court disputes related to your vehicle in Switzerland which may arise due to garage disputes, traffic-related disputes etc. This policy typically covers legal fees that materialise from such a dispute up to a limit of CHF 250,000 per event. The typical cost of such a policy runs to CHF 200 per annum.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal expenses insurance (LEI) is sometimes offered as an optional extra, or included free of charge with buildings and contents policies and motor insurance policies. LEI pays the legal costs – i.e., solicitors’, barristers’ and expert witnesses’ fees etc., should the policyholder need to pursue or defend a claim through the courts. Unlike conventional insurance policies, LEI providers do not settle the claim directly with the policyholder because they almost always manage the claim – and the associated costs – on the policyholder’s behalf, from start to finish.

There are two types of LEI – before-the-event and after-the-event. Most LEI is before-the-event: after-the-event insurance is taken out post incident. With some forms of after-the-event insurance, the insurer or the solicitor has the right to force the policyholder to accept an offer of settlement from the other side, insist on calling in a medical expert to prepare a report on injuries or conditions, or prevent the policyholder from commencing court proceedings altogether.